Pamper and spoil yourself...

Plná verze

Immerse your body and mind in the world of stimulating scents and pellucid perceptions inducing a feeling of relaxation, internal peace and harmony. Expose yourself to the magic of exotic massages, baths and cosmetic rituals experienced never before.

Exotic therapy

  • Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage
  • Indian anti-stress-massage
  • hot-stone-massage
  • anti-cellulite massage
  • aroma-massage

Afternoon therapy

Feel like treating yourself to a late afternoon or early evening relaxation session? This is all possible at the Spa of Třeboň.

  • flower bath
  • beer bath
  • peat extract bath
  • underwater massage
  • relaxation massage

Alqvimia rituals

Together with the Spanish brand of ALQVIMIA cosmetics, we have prepared unique luxury wholebody treatments encouraging and cultivating feminine sensuality and beauty. Delightful scents and the fineness of the individual 100% natural products accompanying you throughout the whole procedure make cosmetic care a real beauty ritual providing an intense experience and benefiting not only your body but, last not least, your soul and mind, too.