Stay includes

  • 3x accommodation
  • 1x peat bath
  • 1x partial body massage
  • 1x herb bath
  • 1x mechanical massage Hydrojet
  • 1x sauna + steam bath
Lázeňský dům
  • 3x half board
  • entry to pool with whirlpool throughout your stay
  • NOTICE: The pool will be closed over the period between 18th and 22nd June 2017.
Stay also includes
  • spa waffles
  • spa tax

Price list

Type of roomMON-THU, SUN-WED
Single room 4117/153
Double room 3580/135
APT 4243/159
Extra bed 2842/105

Year-round price per person and stay in CZK/EUR.

Obligatory medical consulation

We wish to draw your attention to the fact that the relaxation programme you have selected require prior medical consultation to ascertain the suitability of procedure structure. You can consult your general practitioner or specialist and present the medical recommendation (guests aged 70 years and older mandatory) or you can undertake the medical consultation with our spa doctor (include anamnesis, medical examination, consultation to ascertain the suitability of procedure structure, record to the health documentation). Form download.

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